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CEO Message

We believe that ‘human’ must be placed at the center of architecture design, and that it is our responsibility as an architect to design a space in which people find delight. Our focus on ‘human aspects’ in architecture has been evolved through zealous observation and comprehension of people’s everyday life, nature, streets and squares comprising our cities.

Based on our company’s belief in ‘pursuing the essence of architecture that lies in humanities’, we have dedicated ourselves to design not only architectural forms but also spaces that evolve with people’s lives throughout each and every project; fortunately, our passion and beliefs have led Gansam to many awards and growth of business in a steady manner.

We continue making every effort to devise more advanced architectural projects than ever before. We endeavor to contribute to people’s lives via spatial design that incorporates multifarious life values.

Gansam Architects & Partners CEO, Kim Taijip Kim Taijip