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Subject [Article] Gansam Architects & Partners designs ‘Rakheeman,’ medical convergence town in Suncheon
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Gansam Architects & Partners design ‘Rakheeman,’ medical convergence town in Suncheon

On 10th, Kim Taijip, CEO of Gansam Architects & Partners announced that they are currently carrying out a project to build a medical convergence town in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do, called ‘Rakheeman.’

Rakheeman is a mega project to create a medical convergence town with a total floor area of 304,523m² on the land of 17,000 pyeong.

A general hospital with 1,000 beds and bio research center in the medical land of Sindae district, free economic zone, Kwangyang Bay area…



March 10, 2021


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