간삼건축 대표이사

We create spaces for people.

'People' are the essence of all architectural works,
and we bring happiness through the 'space' that we create by giving full consideration to the people.
To make this possible, we take a close look at the lives of people,
study the city comprised of roads and squares,
and reflect changes in nature on it.

Since our foundation, we have always stood fast to our principle,
'pursuit of the essence of architecture.'
Our steadfastness to our principle attracted many people to our architectural works,
brought us excellent reputation through numerous awards,
and expanded our business based on our honest efforts.

We are dedicated to bringing more innovative architecture than we have presented in the past.
With the mission to create a space with values unaffected by the passage of ‘time,’
we will provide a space that goes beyond our clients' expectations
to impress many people, bringing joy to them.
Moreover, we will propose an original lifestyle to clients with unparalleled initiatives
to bring greater affluence and happiness to our lives and society.

Thank you.

CEO, Gansam Co., Ltd.
Taijip Kim