Gansam's architecture begins from the consideration for people.

‘People’ are at the heart of all architectural activities and we make people happy through spaces that gave full consideration to ‘people.’
For this, we observe people in daily lives, study the city of roads and squares, and reflect changes in nature in it.
We suggest values that bring happiness to our customers, society, and ourselves as architects through design and technology.

Corporate Information

With over 730 staff members, including 118 architects and 52 professional engineers,
Gansam continuously moves forward to bring about happy life to people.

  • 설립연도

    Established 1983
  • 함께하는 직원들

    Frontiers 730
  • 건축사

    Architects 118
  • 기술사

    Engineers 52


2021 대한민국 브랜드 명예의전당

Awarded at the '2021 Korea Brand Hall of Fame' for Architectural Design

Gansam, which leads the advancement of architectural culture through original design philosophy, was selected for the Architectural Design section of the 2021 Korea Brand Hall of Fame. The Korea Brand Hall of Fame selects brands that won the most customer support through distinct competitiveness. This is the fifth year of the ceremony. A total of 50 brands in 9 areas were selected. Gansam was selected to represent the Architectural Design sector. The '5th Korea Brand Hall of Fame' selected by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS), the 'Representative Thinktank of Korea,' intends to present the future direction for Korean industry in the global market by selecting products and services that were most popular among consumers during the year and help consumers make the best choices.

2022 국가서비스대상

Grand Prize at the '2022 National Service Awards' for Architectural Design for Three Consecutive Years

Gansam won the grand prize at the '2022 National Service Awards' for Architectural Design for Three years in a row. The National Service Awards is hosted by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Energy and the Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups. Each year, the awards are given to the best brands in each industry, most loved by consumers during the year. Gansam leads new architectural culture while concentrating on the essence of architecture based on the idea of 'Delivering happiness to society through architecture that provides creative and interesting spaces.' The company makes the greatest synergy effect by managing the design and the entire construction process and planning successful business for clients, operating with various affiliates. It leads the advancement of architectural culture in all areas, including medical facilities and data centers, based on its expertise in addition to its focal area of office buildings.

한국소비자만족지수 1위

Ranked 1st on 2020 Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index

Gansam came first in the ‘2020 Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index’ for Architecture (Design). In the Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index, consumers directly evaluate their satisfaction with goods and services in each area and make recommendations accordingly to discover future-oriented companies. The award aims at the development of both consumers and companies of Korea. Gansam Architects & Partners grew into Korea's representative architectural design firm by leading the advancement of architectural culture based on original design philosophy and successfully completing various overseas projects. Gansam has designed many landmarks representing Korea since its foundation. Recently, the company demonstrated its expertise through its designs, including hospitals, schools, and leisure facilities in addition to its main area of expertise, which is office facilities. It has also persistently expanded its design fields to cultural facilities, such as art galleries and museums, and high-tech facilities, such as research institutes and data centers.

Major Awards

Gansam continues to deliver lasting impressions to more people by creating the spatial design that reflects various values of life based on
the commitment to the 'persuasion of architectural essence' since its foundation.